British Handmade Leather Washbag

British Handmade Leather Washbag

  • £90.00
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All made from nut brown English bridle leather from a 100 year old tannery.

Solid brass fittings from the oldest foundry in the UK, founded in 1832.

Copper die used to stamp logo is made at a coppersmiths in Birmingham.

- Leather is chrome tanned and tumbled to provide a soft, slightly waxy finish

- Lined with waterproof liner. 

All have been part stitched in red thread to provide a unique Chelsea Pensioners feel and to tie the items together as a collection.  

Items are handmade by Lesley and her small team in a small workshop in Birmingham, the heart of the UK leather goods industry. 

She has over 30 years experience of making leather goods for brands such as Mulberry and Chapman, and puts that vast knowledge into every item she makes.


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