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Colin Thackery "My Story" Autobiography Book

Colin Thackery "My Story" Autobiography Book

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Sergeant Major Colin Thackery is a Chelsea Pensioner and the winner of 2019's Britain's Got Talent. Colin won the nation's heart with his show-stopping in remembrance of his late wife, Joan. At the age of 89, he is the oldest person to win the show.

Born in Camden in 1930, Colin was evacuated to Luton where he hitchhiked back to London and helped Air Raid Wardens during The Blitz. In 1945, he joined the army where, whilst on a posting to Durham, he met Joan, the love of his life.

Colin toured the world with the army for 25 years. He fought in the Korean War and endured horrific conditions, from being shot at and ambushed, to suffering frost bite. After his 25 years service, he and Joan settled in Norfolk to raise their family and perform at local theatres. In 2016, after having previously beaten cancer, Joan passed away. Devastated, Colin decided to become a Chelsea Pensioner. After entertaining fellow residents at their regular curry night, he was persuaded to sign up to Britain's Got Talent.

Singing for Joan, Colin won the nation's hearts as well as the series. He was signed to a major record label and, at the age of 89, released his first album.
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